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54 Caliber Sharps Paper Cartridge Former

54 Caliber Sharps Paper Cartridge Former
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Paper Cartridge Maker for the .54 Caliber Paper-Cutter Sharps. Makes a flat bottom cartridge. Can also be used to make a traditional folded or rat-tail round by using just the mandrel. The former is adjustable for length to suit your chamber and is designed to use the Era's Gone Richmond Sharps bullet, or any bullet with a similar dimension. This former is fairly labor intensive to make as reflected in the price. These are made to order. Note that the photos are a pre-production version. The current model has an internal screw adjustment instead of the shown 'slider' version. The sample round was made with 2 colors of paper to show how the base paper is installed. The production version is machine finish. This former allows for compression of the powder to make a very firm cartridge.